Thursday, February 23, 2012

11 Months: Happy Birthday!

My Dearest Daughter,

On Tuesday... you turned 11 months old. Wow. Can you really be a handful of weeks away from turning 1? Everyone says the first year goes by fast but it REALLY does go by fast....kinda like weddings. You know it's going to speed by but it still takes your breath away.

Here we amazing, curious little baby has transformed into a busy Big Girl.

You are my Sweet Yogini whose favorite position is downward dog. You like both picking up and carrying balls, as well as kicking them around. I often see you standing on tipee-toe in an attempt to see what's on a table. Nothing on a table is safe from you anymore.

You adore giving big hugs to stuffed animals. Your favorite expression is "uh-oh." Your favorite thing to do in the world is to walk around and pretend to talk on a cell-phone. You called me from Ra-Ra's phone on Sunday and then called Aunt Mimi on Monday at 7 am. Luckily, she was awake.

You think it's hysterical when I call you "Rascally Rabbit" and you race away during a diaper change. Daddy is still the best at that game. You LOVE snatching up and running with something you know you shouldn't be putting into your mouth...usually someone's shoes. It's hard to keep a straight face when I look into those mischievous eyes.

Often when you are told no, you will attempt to distract the person by pointing to something on the wall and say "a dat." Sorry, good try... but that doesn't work on Mommy...maybe it will work on one of your grand-parents. You are so lucky to have the most devoted grand-parents in the world!

Ra-Ra is amazed at how much you look like me at this age. You have the same way of scrunching up your nose and laughing uproariously when you're happy....thankfully, you are happy often.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

Know you are very, very loved,
Your Mama

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