Monday, February 27, 2012

I Love...Home-made Mushroom Soup

Only two more days for me to write about things I Love during this Month of Love!!!

My favorite soup to make hands-down is Mushroom Soup. Campbell's has nothing on this homemade stuff...

I went to the Waverly Farmers' Market in Baltimore with my sister on Saturday and bought all the ingredients there (except the Sherry). The Mushroom Lady recommended that I use shiitake instead of button mushrooms and I am glad I followed her advice. It ended up costing about $16 to make....pricey.... but I got at least 10 bowls of soups out of this batch. One of my best batches...

1/2 purple onion
2 pints of shiitake mushrooms
3 shot glasses of Golden Dry Sherry
handful of thyme
4ish tablespoons of flour
1 pint of cream
4 cups of water
pinch of sea salt
pinch of pepper

1. Saute onions in butter with a bit of thyme until they are transparent.

2. Add mushrooms. Sprinkle in some more thyme and a shot glass of sherry. Cook until mushrooms start shrinking (4-6 minutes).

3. SLOWLY start sprinkling in flour. Stir rigorously until you can't see any flour. Sprinkle more. Repeat procedure until there is a decent thick paste (probably about 4 tablespoons).

4. Add cream, water, salt, some more thyme (if you like) and the rest of the sherry. Low-heat for an hour.

Remember soup ALWAYS tastes better the next day....but this is pretty decent immediately.

I probably only added 3 cups of water when I made this on Saturday because I wanted my sister to eat some immediately and for it to taste yummy. On Sunday, I watered down the soup because it had had time to sit and marinate. I've added more water since, so the ratio of cream to water ends up being greater in the end (for those concerned about the calories). Enjoy!!!

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