Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Talkin' About Love this Month

Very soon after I started my blog, I realized that I needed a bit of structure. I came up with the idea of Monthly Themes to help me focus my writing.

February is one of my favorite months because not only does it contain my birthday but Valentine's Day. One of my favorite things to go is make stuff out of paper, so this is a holiday right up my alley. In honor of this day, I have declared February the Month of Love right here on this blog.

I will be sharing ideas on how to make Valentines with babies, how to make some heart-felt gifts for your Loved Ones, some ideas for some inexpensive, fun Weekend Getaways this month, a few of my treasured books, a cheap Date Night idea or two, and some marriage enrichment ideas (among many other things). Lots of Love to share! Speaking of which, don't be shy... I know there is more than one person reading my blog (thanks Jen)! Please show me some Love by officially "following" my blog by becoming a member. It will make me a very Happy Lady...Much Love..

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